Megaload – Oregon Route

This is the published route for the megaload leaving Umatilla, Oregon at 10 PM, Sunday, November 24, 2013.

Interactive Map:
Route: click on any picture to go to the interactive google map.

1) Umatilla: Roxbury Rd

1-Umatilla- Roxbury Rd2) Umatilla: Roxbury Rd

2-West on Roxbury Rd



3) Turn right onto US-730 W – Columbia River Highway- map

3-right onto US-730 W

4) Turn left to merge onto I-84 E/U.S. 30 E/US-395 S toward Pendleton / Continue to follow I-84 E/US-395 S

4-Merge onto I-84

4-Merge onto I-84

Through downtown Hermiston.  Map

5-Through Hermiston

6- From I-84 Exit 188 near Stanfield to I-84  Map



  • Exit 209 at Pendleton via I-84 eastbound. This includes multiple “up and over” locations (carrier to take the exit, proceed through traffic control device at the top of the intersection, and re-enter the freeway), including Echo Rd Exit 193, Lorenzen Rd Exit 198, Barnhart Rd Exit 202, and U.S.30 Exit 207.


  • From I-84 Exit 209 in Pendleton to the junction with U.S. 26 in Mt Vernon via U.S.395 southbound,


9-McKay National Wildlife Refuge9-McKay National Wildlife Refuge


10-Pilot Rock