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US 395 to I 84 to US 26 to US 20 to OR 201 south Regional Driving Impacts
The oversized load traveling on US 395, US 26, US 20 is not expected to move until weather conditions improve. Future moves will be posted once known.

Watch this page for updates

News: November 27, 2013

How big is a megaload?Airforce Stadium and Megaload

News: November 25, 2013

MEMO:  the next two loads will leave:  December 9 & January 6 from Umatilla.

Here is a video of the intrepid twenty in Umatilla, 23 degrees.

We were there in Umatilla.

NoOregonMegaloads-November-24-2013 NoOregonMegaloads-November-24-2013-a

News: November 23, 2013

Load can leave as early as 8:00 PM according to the permit, not 10:00.

In 24 hours we will be gathering at the Desert River Inn in Umatilla. (It’s also called Village on the Green) – 705 Willamette Ave, Umatilla, OR, 541-922-1101.

Bring warm clothes, sign-making materials, flashlights, food, coffee, ideas and energy!

If you haven’t already, please email me your cell phone number so we can contact you for coordination:

Megaload DiagramNews: November 22, 3013

Thanks to Karen Josephson for booking us a place in Umatilla to meet and make signs. Here’s the information from Karen (and in her email below):   We have a conference room and a suite with 2 bedrooms, and a kitchen….think also a living room.

Desert River Inn in Umatilla. (It’s also called Village on the Green) – 705 Willamette Ave, Umatilla, OR, 541-922-1101

DIRECTIONS:  Going into Umatilla on Interstate 82 which is also highway 395 — you turn right at 6th ave which is also Highway 730. Go east – for 1 1/2 mile. It’s on your left. NewsTWIN FALLS • Southern Idaho highways soon should see oversized loads of massive oil refinery equipment being sent to the tar sands project in western Canada.

One megaload weighing nearly 1 million pounds will pass north of the Magic Valley along U.S. 93 on its way to Lost Trail Pass, elevation 7,014 feet, and into southwestern Montana next week.


How Much Will Tar Sands Oil Add to Global Warming?

Keystone Tar Sands Report:

KXL Fact Sheet:

News as of November 21, 2013:  7:00 PM

We have it on good authority that the Omega-Morgan megaload has received all the approvals it needs to move Sunday Night Nov. 24. At 10:00 PM.  (We are still working all the legal angles, but with time so short I am pretty certain they’ll get out of the gate.)

We need a mass action in Umatilla to show Omega-Morgan, ODOT and the state that we oppose using Oregon scenic highways as a pipeline for Atmospheric Carbon Delivery Systems.  These do not belong to the international fossil fuel corporations.  They belong to Oregonians.

Call, write, email, shout to every climate activist you know and all the press and invite them to join you in Umatilla on Sunday afternoon!

RSVP with me: if you are going and or want to carpool.

Oregon Megaloads 101

The Mining of tarsands oil and the Keystone XL Pipeline are some of the human species worst mega ideas.  These combine mining some of the most carbon intensive fossil fuel sources on the planet with a faster delivery system for adding greenhouse gasses to the Earth’s atmosphere and speeding us to climate catastrophe.

The Pacific Northwest will become the “pipeline” for up to 25 fossil fuel proposals to export coal, oil and natural gas out of Canada and the American heartland if the fossil fuel corporations get their way.

In addition to pipelines, rails & rivers the fossil fuel industry wants to hijack our roads and state highways as well to move big, heavy equipment to the tar sands oil fields of Alberta, Canada and soon to the tar sands fields in Utah.

Megaloads have been rolling through Idaho for years, so we know what this invasion looks like.  650,000 pounds, three stories high, 300 feet long and two lanes wide, they roll all night at slow speeds, blocking traffic, breaking roadways and even occasionally knocking down a bridge.  (videos available at:

The latest industry plan is to run three loads from the port of Umatilla to the Idaho border.  The route (as of November 20, 2013) is shown here

The contractor for hauling the Oregon loads is Omega-Morgan, 23810 NW Huffman St.
Hillsboro, OR 97124, 503-647-7474.


With offices in:
Seattle – 1222 46th Ave E. – Fife, WA 98424, 253-852-7500
Phoenix – 5002 S. 36th St. – Phoenix, AZ 85040, 602-789-4143
Calgary – Calgary, Alberta Canada, 403-474-6460

Climate activists throughout Oregon and Idaho are unified in opposing this new invasion of the Pacific Northwest.

More information is available on these sites:



November 19, 2013

From Wild Idaho Rising Tide:  Be there Sunday 11/24/13 as 6-days of Direct Action commence, opposing the entire concept of constructing New Fossil Fuel Industrial Infrastructure. We have 312 miles of traverse of Eastern Oregon at speeds that crawl starting at 10:00PM.

Your information headquarters are…


JOHN DAY – The first scheduled Omega Morgan superload may start its Eastern Oregon journey on Sunday, Nov. 24, but Grant County residents shouldn’t expect to see the rig for several days.

A company representative said Monday night the trip from Umatilla through Grant County to Ontario and eventually Homedale, Idaho, could take six days in good conditions – or longer, with stops for weather or the holiday break.

“When there’s snow and ice, we’re not on the road,” said Erik Zander, project manager.

Zander said the load – a 330,000-pound, 90-foot-long vessel for water purification – can go 35 mph on straight roads, but Highway 395 is “the slow part of the route.”

The load will travel only at night, with hours set for 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. to minimize traffic impacts.

The date was announced earlier in the day by the Oregon Department of Transportation, but Zander said he doesn’t have the permit yet.

Zander fielded questions Monday night from a group of about 30 people at a meeting at the Grant County Regional Airport.

Nov. 18, 2013                                                      For more information: Tom Strandberg – (541) 963-1330


 Oversized load traveling through Eastern Oregon Nov. 24-25

Expect overnight traffic delays on U.S. 730, U.S.395, U.S.26, U.S.20 and OR201 as the oversize load heads southeast from Umatilla towards Homedale, Idaho.

 Motorists should expect delays of up to twenty minutes Sunday night (Nov. 24) through Monday morning as an oversized transport carrying water purification equipment and parts makes its way from the Port of Umatilla, heading south east through Umatilla, Grant, Baker and Malheur counties in eastern Oregon to the Idaho border near Homedale, ID. The load will travel on segments of Interstate 84, U.S.730, U.S.395, U.S.26, U.S.20 and OR201. Here is a Google Map link showing the route (cut and paste the link if it does not connect directly).

The oversize load is expected to travel between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. to reduce the impact to travelers. Movement of the oversized freight will result in slow traffic and delays of up to twenty minutes as it makes its way through the area. Because the load will take up both travel lanes while on two-lane highways, traffic will be stopped on the highways along five to seven miles segments. The load will pull over every five to seven miles if needed to allow backed up traffic to pass. Ultimately, it will cross into Idaho along OR201 near Homedale.

Below is the travel route through eastern Oregon:

  • From the junction with Devore Rd and U.S.730 near Umatilla to I-84 Exit 188 near Stanfield via U.S.395 southbound.
  • From I-84 Exit 188 near Stanfield to I-84 Exit 209 at Pendleton via I-84 eastbound. This includes multiple “up and over” locations (carrier to take the exit, proceed through traffic control device at the top of the intersection, and re-enter the freeway), including Echo Rd Exit 193, Lorenzen Rd Exit 198, Barnhart Rd Exit 202, and U.S.30 Exit 207.
  • From I-84 Exit 209 in Pendleton to the junction with U.S. 26 in Mt Vernon via U.S.395 southbound, going through Pilot Rock, Ukiah, and Long Creek.
  • From Mt Vernon and John Day via U.S.26/U.S.395 eastbound.
  • From John Day to Vale via U.S.26 eastbound, going through Prairie City, Unity, Ironside, and Jamieson.
  • From Vale to Clark Blvd (approximately 1 mile west of the junction with OR201) via U.S.20/U.S.26 eastbound.
  • From the junction with U.S.20/U.S.26 to the junction with OR201 (approximately 1 mile west of Nyssa) via Clark Blvd southbound.
  • From Clark Blvd near Nyssa to the junction with OR201 Spur via OR201 southbound, going through Adrian.
  • From the junction with OR201 to the Idaho state line near Homedale, ID, via OR201 Spur eastbound.


See attached pdf for full news release and route details.  NR Oversized load on US395 Nov_Dec 2013.pdf

To see the route, paste this link into your browser:

Megaload Route

November 18, 2013

Omega Morgan –Hillsboro – This is the contractor for the moving and transport services for the Megaloads.

President and CEO John McCalla, since 2011

•Partners Jeff Morgan, Tom Walker and Troy Tallent

The contractor for hauling the Oregon loads is Omega-Morgan, 23810 NW Huffman St.
Hillsboro, OR 97124, 503-647-7474.  With offices in:

Seattle – 1222 46th Ave E. – Fife, WA 98424, 253-852-7500

Phoenix – 5002 S. 36th St. – Phoenix, AZ 85040, 602-789-4143

Calgary – Calgary, Alberta Canada, 403-474-6460

  • Hauling the partial evaporator.
  • specialized lifting and transportation services
  • moving the Sellwood Bridge in Portland, OR
  • to hauling huge transformers through the mountains
  • to installing industrial equipment for a new technology company
  • heavy lifting, industrial moving and transport challenges
  • 300 employees (200 in Portland and 50 in Seattle)
  • Not a member of Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce

The majority interest is owned by Riverlake Partners LLC

Operating as a portfolio company of Riverlake, a private equity investor Riverlake Partners, LLC is a private equity firm focused on leveraged control growth investments in small, profitable companies.

“We target established industrial and consumer products manufacturing and business service firms, typically with enterprise values of $15 million to $60 million. We seek investments where ownership and leadership dynamics present the opportunity to create value through operational, financial, and strategic change.”

Erik Krieger, founder and managing partner of Wilsonville-based Riverlake Partners.

Riverlake Partners LLC

Riverlake Partners’ office is located in downtown Portland, inside the

1000 SW Broadway, Suite 1010, Portland, OR 97205


F: 503-228-7105

Riverlake Equity Partners……………………

Riverlake Equity Partners’ office is located in Lake Owego, Oregon.

5200 SW Meadows Rd., Suite 200

Lake Owego, OR 97035


Fax: 503-228-7105

  • Riverlake Equity Partners, LP
  • Riverlake Equity Partners (Oregon), LP
  • Riverlake Equity Partners II, LP
  • Riverlake Equity Partners IIa, LP


Erik Krieger –

Vic Petroff –

Greg Tansey –

Tom Zupan –

Marcia Reyes –

The Keystone XL Pipeline is one of the human species worst maga ideas.  Motivated solely by greed and profit, of a magnitude, almost unimaginable, it stands as a shining monument to how blind and  indifferent humans can be to their own self-interest and that of all life on the planet.  Human decision-makers lack the wisdom to manage their technological inventions and their license to kill (us all) must be revoked.

We are members of a rising tide of human beings who see and feel this problem.  Working together we can stop the Keystone XL pipeline from pouring its effluent onto the Earth and into its atmosphere.

The KXL Pipeline is a for profit drug delivery enterprise that mines the planet’s most carbon intensive fossil fuel soils (the tar-sands) processes and pumps it through the veins of an addicted industrial society and then, after laying waste the land and water discards the toxic greenhouse gas effluent into our planet’s atmosphere.  This industrial machine destroys the Earth’s (our) ecosystems – wildlife, oceans, rivers, atmosphere as a mere byproduct, an annoying “unintended consequence”.  It is up to the few who value the Earth more than gold to find non-violent ways to disable this destructive enterprise, revoke their license and bring hope to the planet.

Rising Tide Idaho

Nez Perce, Idle No More, Wild Idaho Rising Tide, and allied activists have just spent the last 4 nights trying to slow or stop a shipment  on Hwys 12 and 95 that weighs up to 644,000 pounds and are nearly 300 feet long.  See videos about this here.

These megaloads carry equipment to the tar sands mines in Alberta, Canada and are essential  to enable tar sands mining and shipping.

The saga begins in South Korea, where very special mining equipment is made, and barged across to the Ports of Portland and Vancouver. The massive truck shipments will be traveling from the Port of Portland, up the Columbia and Snake rivers to Lewiston, Idaho at the Port of Wilma.  There they are loaded onto special trailers for their trek over Lolo Pass into Montana and then north into Canada.

The Port of Wilma

The Port of Wilma is part of the Port of Whitman County in southeast Washington State. Located on the Snake River and part of the Columbia River Waterway System, the Port of Wilma is just two nautical miles (3.6 kilometers or 2.3 miles) west of the Port of Clarkston.


Our friends at Wild Idaho Rising Tide have been working tirelessly for years to slow these megaloads and save the planet from the millions of tons of CO2 destruction.  Working together, on both ends of the rivers and highways we think we can stop these megaloads.

The General Electric subsidiary Resources Conservation Company International evaporator core at the Port of Wilma on Friday, November 8, prepared for Omega Morgan transport to the Athabasca Oil Corporation's Hangingstone in situ Alberta tar sands mining operations southwest of Fort McMurray (Rob Briggs photo)

Turns out the companies carrying these loads are both from the Portland area.  Hillsboro, Oregon-based Omega Morgan, Hillsboro  and Emmert International, Clackamas .  So this action is relevant for many reasons – Portland companies supplying transportation and corporate funding, Vancouver port supplying docks, barge companies supplying river transport, union workers supplying services, truckers, etc. etc. etc.

Megaloads in Oregon:  On Friday we learned that the megaload highway route may be changed to go through Oregon as follows:  The company’s first proposal was to move three loads from the Port of Umatilla east to Pendleton and then south on U.S. Highway 395 to Mt. Vernon, but then staying on Highway 26 east though John Day and Prairie City to Ontario.

How many megaloads are planned?   According to the President of the Korean manufacturer they have contracts for $1.5 Billion in loads.  We estimate this to be about 1,200 megaloads.

Here are more pictures of what a megaload looks like.

megaload pic Emmert MEgaload

Direct Action Manuals:

Earth First! Direct Action Manual (First Edition, 1997, online copy)

Earth First! Direct Action Manual (First Edition, 1997, downloadable PDF copy)

A Civilian’s Guide to Direct Action (Crimethinc. downloadable PDF copy)

Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance Action Lead User Guide (Credo Action, Rainforest Action Network, and the Other 98 Percent downloadable PDF copy)